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Drawdio: A Pencil that Lets You Draw Music

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Now you build one

Attaching to a Pencil

  • Hardware notes for attaching to a mechanical pencil: note 0, note 1, note 2, note 3
  • You can also jack into the graphite on a regular old wooden pencil using a thumbtack, screw, etc. with some aluminum foil or whatevs to connect to Mrs. Human (it's as if someone designed wooden pencils just for this purpose with a graphite "wire" running right up the middle)

    The Original Circuit Design

  • parts list: A pencil (soft graphite is nice), 555 timer, 2 resistors, 3 caps, a switch, a speaker (~8ohms ~0.5 watts), ~9 volts power (see board drawing), Depending on your pencil type you may also need copper tape or aluminum foil and a thumbtack or a screw
  • board drawing
  • This board design is surface mount and conveniently single-layer

    Ladyada's Kit Design

  • Download Schematics and Boards
  • Runs off a single AAA battery
  • Has a nicely designed through-hole circuit board
  • Extremely detailed instructions and good documentation

    Dylan Banarse's Stripboard Design (Cheapest!)

  • Veroboard Circuit Design and Instructions
  • Get started right away with your own protoboard at home (as long as you have the parts). Especially good if you don't want to pay shipping fees or don't have access to fabricating your own circuits.

    All my hardware layouts and designs are CC attrib. share alike (Other designers I link to may have their own licenses)

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    Last updated: 11/16/2008

    I am currently a seeker at MIT's Media Lab in the Life Long Kindergarten group

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